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The Scottish Council on Human Bioethics

is an independent charitable organisation composed of professionals from various disciplines associated with medical ethics. We seek to engage in current ethical issues, especially those of particular concern within Scotland, and to provide a Scottish voice on the international scene.

The site contains a range of material relating to human bioethics, which we hope will be a useful resource for those with an interest in healthcare, education and politics.

SCHB Courses

The SCHB is now offering the following courses both abroad and in the UK:

  1. One week general ethics module for undergraduate or postgraduate medical students.
  2. One week research ethics module for medical students and members of research ethics committees (institutional review boards).

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Introducing 'The New Bioethics: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Biotechnology and the Body'

With effect from Volume 18, The New Bioethics is the title for the successor to Human Reproduction and Genetic Ethics (HRGE). The New Bioethics seeks to reclaim bioethics as a diverse and multidisciplinary project. It provides a space for dialogue between different perspectives on biotechnology and offers the chance to find new kinds of common ground.

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