Scottish Council on Human Bioethics Courses

With new developments regularly taking place around the world in medical ethics, the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics (SCHB) has decided to:

  1. Provide medical ethics educational courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to university students, and
  2. Train research ethics committee (institutional review board) members so that they can fulfil their duties in the ethical review of biomedical research with participants. This review is now a requirement before a research article can be published by a major international journal.

To do this, the SCHB is now offering the following courses both abroad and in the UK:

  1. One week general ethics module for undergraduate or postgraduate medical students.
  2. One week research ethics module for medical students and members of research ethics committees (institutional review boards).

Both courses are taught by highly experienced international professors originating from Scotland.

The contents of each of the courses can be downloaded here (PDF) and are taught in English.

Fees for the courses can be obtained from the SCHB, email