Temporary Part-time Senior Researcher in Biomedical Ethics Needed

Length of Contract: Two Years

Salary (Negotiable): £ 10,000 per annum (2 days/week) + Pension

Trial Period: 3 Months

Job Description:

Self-motivated individual, educated to at least a Master’s Degree or with equivalent experience of research, willing to undertake research as directed by the SCHB. Candidates must agree with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights as expressed by the SCHB positions presented on its website. This includes protecting human life as soon as it is created, as an embryo, until it ends through natural means.

The candidate should be able to undertake research in biomedical ethics independently while being prepared to:

  1. Undertake and coordinate the writing of reports and articles.
  2. Build links with academics.
  3. Respond to media enquiries in the Press, Radio and TV giving them the positions of the SCHB or passing these to members as appropriate.
  4. Present SCHB positions at national and international conferences as well as Parliaments.
  5. Teach biomedical ethics modules nationally and internationally.
  6. Organise events such as meetings or conferences.
  7. Deal with administrative questions.
  8. Seek further funding through grants.

Please send by mail (to: Scottish Council on Human Bioethics, 15 North Bank Street, Edinburgh EH1 2LS) or email (to: mail@schb.org.uk) a CV, a Letter of Motivation, an Example of Writing and the Names and Contact Details of two References before the 18th of June 2018.

For any further information please contact:

Dr. Calum MacKellar

Scottish Council on Human Bioethics

15 North Bank Street

Edinburgh EH1 2LS

Tel: 0131 261 8874 or 0131 463 6464.

Email: mail@schb.org.uk


Person appointed should be able to work in SCHB Office in Edinburgh at least one day a week. He or she will also be expected to attend most of the five evening SCHB Ethics Committee meetings which take place every year.